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Does Postgres have an equivalent Connect By feature? Last I checked it didn't. If you don't need to scale your hierarchical data much, its pretty handy. I'd prefer to go to Postgres too.

Since way back when the tablefunc contrib module had a connectby() function, but it has some limitations being a C function.

The better way is to use WITH RECURSIVE CTE's. See http://ledgersmbdev.blogspot.com/2012/07/ctes-and-ledgersmb.... for how we use them in LedgerSMB for hierarchical data.

PostgreSQL 8.4+ has recursive common table expressions. I don't know if they do everything that CONNECT BY does, but I know that they do everything that I've ever used CONNECT BY for.

WITH RECURSIVE is the SQL standard version of what CONNECT BY provides with oracle. Postgresql and SQL Server both have it.

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