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What tool is he using to do the postgres part of that video? I've been looking for a decent postgres gui and can't find one.

EDIT: Navicat it looks like.

One comment, way back int he mists of times (the 90's) MySQL was known as the database that would eat your data. It had a number of data gobbling bugs, as well as no transactions. I'm genuinely surprised how far good marketing and ease of use will go to make a product successful. The postgres guys might learn a bit there. Ease of use will drive a lot of adoption.

Unrelated, but hopefully a good place to stick this:

What was that Mac 10.7-only, command-line but standalone database tool, designed for high-level analysis of data via queries?

Are you thinking of this? http://inductionapp.com/

Yes, __Thank You!__

I've been spending hours at a time looking for it, spamming here was a last resort. (Throwing "Postgres" in my searches was what was fouling them—turns out it was just spawned by Heroku's Postgres team...)

Navicat - it's a great GUI


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