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I think the fault is not just the add-on devs. If anything, the add-on SDK should prevent this by default. I'm not sure when Firefox got so memory-hungry and leaky, but it's the single reason I keep jumping around to Chromium and Opera. Really, really hoping that this time is for real. It's not the first time a blog post like this has been posted by Mozilla.

Hi, I'm the lead of Mozilla's MemShrink project (https://wiki.mozilla.org/Performance/MemShrink) and the author of the linked post.

Can you tell me what you mean by prior blog posts "like this"? I remember http://blog.mozilla.com/nnethercote/2011/08/09/firefox-7-is-..., because I wrote it, but it was accurate -- FF7 did have some very large improvements.

This "Mozilla claims memory consumption improvements in every release" zombie lie is something I hear a lot, but it's just not true.

You're right. I was unfairly accrediting those posts to Mozilla. They were in the blogosphere at large.

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