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What's to keep me from investing all my money in my own startup? I note attempting facetiousness, I'm truly curious how they differentiate me starting my own business and investing all my own money (at a substantial percentage of my reported income) or starting a business with a buddy and putting in a serious amount of cash.

There's a provision for raising up to $1 million from "friends and family" (specifically pre-existing contacts only, no solicitation). I presume, though am not certain, however, that personal funds of the executives are exempt from that.


Nothing. There's also nothing to stop you from having a $30k income, and taking out a $130k unsecured loan, with a consequential $0 net worth (EG: $130k now n the bank and a $130k loan balance).... and going to Las Vegas and putting all $130k on a single spin of the roulette wheel-- or a weekends worth if they won't' let you bet that much.

You can blow all that money gambling if you want, but you can't invest it in startups. (At least not as an accredited investor... and places like angel list will only deal with accredited investors.)

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