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I would suggest that instead of affirmative action in funding women in startups, instead we should encourage successful women in tech to become evangelists. I don't think the issue is as much in the "nobody gives money to women who want to start startups" but rather in the fact that fewer women are in technology because of the cultural bias against it (and as a consequence, less women get funded startups).

Just think, if you are a teenager or college age girl, what women programmers do you currently look up to? They exist, but they need to be more visible to break the perception that "women don't become programmers"

Women in this field who try to be more visible are prone to being labeled as superficial, attention-seeking, untalented (and much, much worse) terms [1]. Culture change is what is required.

[1]: http://www.poynter.org/latest-news/mediawire/175064/forbes-c...

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