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>If I appear to be moronic, self-centered, or sexist… it’s only because I am (I’m a guy). Still I believe my heart is in the right place, and unlike my head, hopefully it’s not in my pants.

What the hell? I feel like I'm watching a US TV commercial.

"Whoops honey, if I didn't have my sports cap on I'd probably lose my head."

"Oh dear, you lovable oaf." Mother and daughter shake heads at retarded male

I agree. And frankly I find it the most grating thing about my generation: no spine. Stand up and speak. Don't try to soften the message with tired jokes and deflection. Just make your point. If people are angry, they're angry. Listen to their reactions and if you think you were in the wrong, apologize. If you think you were right, defend yourself. But you never, ever, open with an apology.

I think it worked. It just disarmed every ad-hominem attack right in the first paragraph.

He sure holds a low opinion of men, 'tis true. I suppose it's so easier to get through life when everyone assumes you are too stupid to be expected not to pee on the rug.

More or less. I also think that the issue isn't investing or the like. It's trying to discover what sorts of solutions are available to large organizational problems that make it hard for women to participate comfortably in tech startups. If Marissa Mayer had been pregnant shortly after her job started at Google, what would have been necessary to make it so she could have balanced work and family life better?

Right now we have this myth that companies are machines and parts are largely interchangeable, and that gender doesn't matter in the functionality of the part. I call this a myth because it is a model we use to think about business and make sense of it, even if it isn't literally true. Gender does matter. Parts are not interchangeable. And it might be better to think of companies as ecosystems rather than machines.

The question I have for women in tech is: If you could start a business that would different about the way it would be run? Forget all models of how things are done. What would you change?

I think that's where the solution is.

Give the guy a break. He's clearly trying really hard to be friendly and not offend anyone... and self-deprecation is a good way to do this.

It's another example of how sexism hurts everyone.

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