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Obligatory reply about The Wire being much better...

I'm the only person I know that really dislikes Breaking Bad. I watched the first season in a single marathon session and loved it, but somehow everything fell apart in the second season. I've tried to get through the second season several times, but the plots keep getting dumber and dumber, in my opinion.

Is it worth powering through season two, or are season two style of plots consistent with the rest of the series?


A minimal spoiler example of the type of writing that really got on my nerves: Walt sneaking out of a hospital and breaking into his own house in 2.3.

The Wire is still down as my favorite show, but Breaking Bad is pretty close.

The great thing about Breaking Bad is it just keeps getting better and better. The plot and character development gets esp. intricate as season 3 unfolds, and is just nuts in season 4. Season 1 and 2 had quite a few incidences that I felt played more into shock value and were cartoonish... that vibe is pretty much lost where things stand now.

I agree with this. Loved first season. However, part of watching a great series (Any series, or production, or stage show, or whatever) is that you must believe the myth that they are feeding you... 'Suspend disbelief' in order to become totally absorbed in the plot.

Breaking Bad doesn't do this to me consistently. For me, Walt often acts in ways that aren't consistent with his character, forcing me to drop out of my belief int the plot and see it as a production rather than something that I am 'living'. Walt isn't the only one that has this affect on me.. The whole show causes me to see, every so often, that all it is is a show rather than a piece of art, like many of the other great series of recent times

Having said that, I still enjoy it and have watched to the end of the last season, even if I don't consistently 'buy' it

In the 11th episode of season 2, Walt meets Gustavo Fring. And then the show really takes off.

I agree. And the end of the season 4 is imo one of the best things I ever saw on a screen.

Wow, yes. I rewatched that scene at least 20 times.

"I won"

Different strokes for different folks.

I forced my self to sit through 6 hours of the wire before I declared it mind numbingly dull and realized I wasn't going to get what others were getting out of it, but I've loved pretty much all of breaking bad.

It's ok to accept that it's not for you, even if a lot of people claim its the best show ever

The show hit a major slump somewhere around season 2-3, and I almost quit it. It picks up from that and turns into one of the most amazing shows after that. But it feels like a serious slog at one point regardless.

It's also a testament to how great the writing for the show is now that no one is pointing out how poorly written Walt's background and motivations were initially. People - myself included - just don't care, because there is so much else going on.

Give it a shot. So many great shows require you to give them the benefit of the doubt at one point. I think I watched the Mad Men pilot three times, and it finally clicked, and now I couldn't be more thrilled that I am following the best TV show ever to air on television.

Walt's background and motivations are that he was an evil criminal looking for an excuse to become what he actually is...

I was referring to the whole "Walt used to work at a company, and stuff happened" background, which the writers have completely abandoned and forgotten everything about. It made Walt's choice to not take the offered money really uninteresting, because he might have had reasons to that were barely alluded to in the show.

A guy presumable goes from working in a billion-dollar company to a K12 chemistry teacher, and we're somehow not supposed to try to understand the prior history, which to me is paramount to wrap our heads around Walt's thoughts and state of mind.

There's a bit of a lull after the end of season one, and towards the end of season 2. However, it really starts to pick up after that, and season 4 is something special.

It feels that they really nailed it at that point. The tension, sound, cinematography, etc.

I'd say yes it is. I had some annoyance with the characters around season 2, but you do come to see this is intentional and not, what I first feared, was lazy writing. It gets better, and quite good.

EDIT: I agree, The Wire is better.

I got hooked since the first season. This is the perspective of a huge breaking bad fan.

Personally, I watch it for subtle stuff, great scenes and the main plot(this can be annoying as episodes can end with unexpected cliffhangers).

Give it a try if it steers up your curiosity and you like the style.

The plot changes gradually, unpredictable, and awesome in my opinion.

I forced myself to watch about four episodes of Breaking Bad on the advice of so many raving reviews, but I just couldn't get into it. Though I don't enjoy watching much TV to begin with, so I'm probably not the best data point.

Breaking bad is great. However, The Wire is definitely the best TV show ever.

I wouldn't say The Wire is 'much better' but they are definitely 1,2 all time TV shows. Debatable which is first.

The best part about Breaking Bad is that each season just gets better and better. Season 4 was hands down the best single season of TV ever.

So yes, you should definitely try to get through season 2. You haven't even met Gus yet. I hate to use so much hyperbole in one post but he is the biggest badass in TV history. Far ahead of number 2: Marlo Stanfield.

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