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No hole punching method will work for all combinations of firewall at each end of the intended communications channel. If connecting the clients directly in either direction after the initial negotiation fails then Skype (and tools like it) will instead send the data via a 3rd host (which sits in the middle and acts as a bridge between the two TCP streams).

If they get a wiretap order and your client can normally achieve a direct connection with a particular user, they could just emulate connection failure and the clients would revert to using the proxy without informing the user (after all, they are designed to do that for the sake of resilience of the user experience). You can probably see where the traffic is going, the client may even tell you without you having to dig far, but you won't know if you are going via the middle-man server(s) because of a general network issue that is stopping a direct connection being possible or if it is because of a wire-tap.

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