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Work at Google? Here’s why you should join the team at Streak (YC S11)
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We’re a YC summer 2011 company working on email. We’re two technical co-founders looking to bring on our first engineering hire. We can’t build features fast enough to keep up with users’ demands and our growth. That’s where you come in - we need someone who likes building product, pushing code everyday and making our service FAST.

Googlers: We have nothing against Google, in fact, Streak’s founders are ex-Google/ex-startup people, but we think you should take the plunge and join Streak because you can:

Launch stuff faster - No PM bureaucracy. No exec approvals. No insanely complex and interdependent infrastructure. Just listen to users and launch stuff as fast as you can build it.

Innovate on Gmail, not just maintain it - ever wished you could make email better? You can, without being on the Gmail team. We’ve built infrastructure to easily build on top of Gmail.

Feel more connected to the end user - your work will have a direct impact on making users lives better. You won’t be 3 or 4 levels of indirection removed from users

Here at Streak we’re trying to make email better. We’re focussing on business processes now (sales, hiring, fundraising, customer support, bug tracking, product dev, etc) but we’re on track to build the system that solves email for pg and many others


- Great compensation and real ownership (both equity and over the product) - We’ll make your life easier. Our benefits package is amazing - We’re very well funded by elite silicon valley investors

Our requirements: - you are intellectually curious - you have strong backend skills OR have built javascript web apps OR mobile native apps

Googler or not, if you're interested, email us at first@streak.com

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