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Next Hacker News DC Meetup is Tomorrow, July 17th (hackernewsdc.org)
36 points by RKlophaus 1922 days ago | hide | past | web | 9 comments | favorite

I've added it to the Hacker News meetups guide on Lanyrd - anyone know of any upcoming events that are missing? http://lanyrd.com/guides/hacker-news-meetups/

See you there.

(Although it would typically be cause for a downvote, I'm going to point out that they have good buffalo wings.)

I gave you an upvote for that ;-)

I haven't been to one of these before. How is it?

I've only gone to two. I'm in grad school and classes are usually 4:30-7:30 and an hour metro ride, so I rarely make it in time.

Of the two I have been to, I've had some pretty interesting (and wild) conversations.

I'm probably going to go to this, never been before (or to any other kind of meetup). Anybody have advice on what to expect?

If anyone has any advice regarding parking, that would be appreciated as well.

Had a good time at these meetups, to bad I'm in Toronto now.

I'm out of town this week. I wish I could have made it!

Nice. Is the next one going to be in DC?

Does anyone do these is Boston?

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