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> This might be because they made their own widget set and haven't finished yet. If so, it was a mistake.

I don't understand how anyone who has actually used Sublime can say this. It's smooth, clean, cross-platform identical, and beautiful, and most importantly, insanely fast. I believe the widget set is their biggest strength.

Then again, I also believe the text configuration is another strength. It's a programmer's editor; it wasn't designed this way out of laziness or poor aesthetic or UI concepts, it was designed this way because it's exactly how most of the target users want to configure it. It also saves a lot of dev time that would be spent maintaining myriad settings UI's and determining which belong and which don't and how to lay them out and how to document them, etc. etc. etc. Instead, settings are keys and the way you manage them is through simple, readable JSON files. No problem.

It also has many other advantages, such as being able to have a settings file per project and override any settings as you like, rather than being limited by a pesky UI.

In fact, it would probably be a fairly easy thing to set up a Sublime plugin that provides a UI for the various settings as you desire. The fact that no one has bothered to do this yet is very telling.

I didn't say it shouldn't be saved to disk as text. I gave three editors which have gui configs as well and are free. The gui can be built automatically if done right.

Also, I have no performance issues with any of my editors. The widget comment was based on the fact they use no other widgets, they must not have written them yet.

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