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Cmd-P is useful for opening existing files, but what's the preferred way for creating them?

I eventually had to get an extension and modify it to replicate emacs' c-x c-f to create files.

I normally do Cmd+N (Create an empty file) Cmd+S (save it). Isn't this sort of the same?

But then syntax highlighting is off until you close and reload it, which is annoying. I usually have a terminal open to the project anyway so I just use 'touch' to create the file I want.

By default, the appropriate syntax highlighting will be set on the file the first time it gets saved.

CMD+Shift+P -> "JS" or "Py" or something sets the syntax highlighting.

That uses the OS file dialog, which is far too slow for my taste, although I've never actually checked to see what kind've shortcuts there are for it.

On OSX, press / or ~ to get a path text box with tab completion.

I've always pressed CMD+Shift+G for that. Nice to know there's an easier way.

Only when you save...

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