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Further to point F: if you hold down control, you move by word segment - this is camel-case (and underscore) aware. So, if I am at the front of the word "cakeParty", I can move to between 'e' and 'P' by holding control and pressing the right arrow key.

(This is in ST2 for Mac OS X - I'm sure there's an equivalent feature in ST2 for other systems.)

I added your tip to the list, thanks!

On Linux (and WIndows I presume) it's with the alt key.

The command and alt modifiers work when I use the arrow key but this ctrl doesn't seem to do anything... OS X lion. For example, I put the caret in front of a camelCased variable and press ctrl+right arrow, nothing happens. Am I doing it wrong?

You need to hold alt _and_ ctrl at the same time.

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