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> there could be a greater effort to channel this enthusiasm into technology that has more a profound and positive impact

Of course there could be, but what this woman fails to realize is that smart people are not obligated to donate their time and effort towards the betterment of a society of idiots.

There is nothing wrong with pursuing "small ideas" for the sake of personal profit.

... and this attitude is exactly the problem with "kids these days".

Society doesn't hold together by magic. It doesn't evolve in a mutually beneficial direction by magic. People have to make it happen.

Is it okay for some people to make little games, or for some people to want to selfishly make a little money? Sure; a robust society can tolerate that. It's when these attitudes become prevalent that the problems start to happen.

So? People can work on whatever ideas they please. The conversation ends there. Unless you're going to start forcing people to work on idea's that you deem will "better society" your comment is completely irrelevant.

You seem overly fixated with defending the status quo as if it's somehow the way things 'should' be.

Where's the imagination? Can you see that this is a deep cultural problem: namely the fixation on maximizing one's personal profit at the expense of ignoring bigger needs. Unfortunately, we as a society deify money to the extent that if anyone even suggests that this isn't a sustainable practice, everyone gets all pissy. I don't know what a society would look like, but I'd love to change attitudes towards money such that we stop squandering minds on the latest social mobile local app.

That would be a true disruption.

Are you saying one shouldn't reason with others, but instead just force them? That might is right?

Whoa. I expected some petty selfishness and shallow sophistry, and am very pleasantly surprised by the general quality of comments here.. but yours kinda takes the cake, it's even worse than anything I braced myself for. Which says a lot. Just mind-boggling.

> There is nothing wrong with pursuing "small ideas" for the sake of personal profit.

Correct. But it sure makes for boring people, because they're too busy trying to please the mainstream.

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