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TaskRabbit hack brings In-N-Out delivery to San Francisco for $10 (burgerto.me)
11 points by shabuta 1980 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

Sounds a lot like Postmates' "Get it now" (http://postmates.com/getitnow), but less useful, since it's only for one thing.

I don't understand how this works:


Skip The Brunch Lines

San Francisco has great brunch spots but sometimes waking up and standing in line for 2 hours on a Sunday is just not happening. With Get It Now, you can get your favorite Dottie's omelette delivered in less than an hour.


If the line is 2 hours, then shouldn't it take at least 2 hours for the Get It Now person to get your food? Or is the 2 hours the wait for a table, and takeout is quicker? Or does Get It Now have some kind of deal with the restaurant to jump ahead of people who were there first?

First thing I thought of when I read it too.

Just wait, burritos are next.

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