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Show HN: DeadMouse – Surf the web with just your keyboard. (chetan51.github.com)
35 points by chetan51 on July 12, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 24 comments

FF users may wanna check out Pentadactyl [1]. Press f/F, type in number or link text, done.

[1] http://5digits.org/pentadactyl

I use vimium [1] which has this feature (search for links to open them) and much more. It doesn't have the cool effect though :)

[1] http://vimium.github.com/

A major improvement would be that once you type something (for example GIT), and then pause for a few seconds, you can begin typing something else (such as XKCD).

Good idea! I've added it as a feature request to the issues page.

Emacs: Conkeror http://www.conkeror.org/

I started using it. I liked it. But, I use Space button to scroll down. You are eating that away. Felt very irritating. Your 'shortcuts' should not mingle with the existing ones, at least, the most used shortcuts like SPACE button.

You're very right. It'll be fixed and updated soon (check the GitHub issues page).

was I the only one confused by the name... http://www.deadmau5.com

I prefer Mousetool (on Windows at least):


If I try to type to 'wiggle' a link in Google search results, it always just continues typing in the search input box.

While using the escape key to 'escape' a 'wiggle' makes sense, setting it to backspace makes it easier to access and also makes sense, or allowing users to configure which key to exit a 'wiggle'.

Thanks, I like this.

Good idea! I'll make backspace do the same thing as escape.

The wiggling is cute at first, but I think a more straightforward method of highlighting would make it easier to find the active link.

I suspect one reason for the wiggle is that it's unlikely to collide with the site's native styling.

I actually think a better effect would be oscillating between growing and shrinking. Might not look right with links embedded in a paragraph, though.

Exactly, wiggling works well even for links that look like buttons, among other styles of links.

I played with growing and shrinking, but it looks bad because the text loses resolution as it becomes bigger (at least using CSS3 transforms).

I agree- perhaps a dimming highlight would be a bit nicer (background dims, except for a box around the selected link). Otherwise, great work.

So it's like vimium but you have to type more?

It's a tradeoff, actually. I used to use Vimium for following links, but I made this because I feel it's a little more natural than hitting 'f' and then typing an arbitrary code next to the link you're looking at. Instead, you can just type exactly what you see immediately. It's really just a personal preference, I feel.

Plus, DeadMouse usually finds the link within the first two characters, so it's not any more typing than Vimium.

I think vimium supports that behaviour out of the box. Either it or pentadactyl (I always forget which is which when it comes to features).

And yeah, that totally makes sense. It seems snappier than vimium in a totally unscientific test as well.


No problem!

That's pretty clever, I think this should be implemented natively in browsers. It's nice that it's bound only to the visible part of the page too.

But let's face it, if web devs were conscious about keyboard usability we'd at least see tabindex html property used sometimes, and it's been around for a while.

It is native in FF. press '/' to search, type in link name and then press enter.

exactly. if only google didnt think they needed to capture the / for their search (in the main site, gmail etc), this extension wouldnt be required.

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