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You don't get the analogy do you? see Jerf's post: the restaurant was never meant to be like applebees, but is not going to stay open if they don't make any money, same as the Ouya: odds are it wont beat the X360, but if it doesn't make enough money then how is it going to survive?

For some reason, I think the Ouya's more analogous to the Boxee Box than it is to something like the XBox 360.

At ~$100, the Ouya's throwaway technology. If the platform fails, you can always root it and make it a media player. It's a low risk purchase compared to something like the Dreamcast or 3DO (remember that one?).

If they keep the games cheap, casual and social, they might actually develop enough of a base to reach sustainability. In any case, I hope they succeed, because I've bought way too many $60+ games that I only ended up playing for 5 hours.

The Dreamcast went as low as $50 and even that didn't save it, price isn't everything when it comes to consoles.

And casual gamers are already migrating away from consoles because they can play those social games on the smartphones and tablets they already own, why would they buy another console that plays the same games?

For any game that I want to play for more than 15 minutes, I'd rather relax on my sofa with a proper controller and play it on a screen that is not on my lap requiring an uncomfortable neck position.

You were talking about casual gamers.

Playing Tetris for an hour is pretty casual compared to something like an RPG that requires 30 hours to complete.

> You don't get the analogy do you?

No, but you don't get my application of it. Nice talking down to somebody while you clearly didn't consider what was said.

> odds are it wont beat the X360, but if it doesn't make enough money then how is it going to survive?

Something is broken in your logic here. Local/regional restaurants don't have to "beat" Applebee's in marketing expenditure, selection, serving sizes, or price. They don't even necessarily have entirely the same customer base. Why are you equating beating the 360 with making enough money? Their kind of operation doesn't need nearly as much money to survive.

Did you even bother to read jerf's original post?

No, that new corner restaurant going in downtown probably isn't going to threaten Applebee's... but... so?

And it doesn't needs to beat the X360 or any big consoles, but if it doesn't makes enough money to at least cover the expenses of the company behind it then what?

> Did you even bother to read jerf's original post?

Yes. Your repeated key point -- wow, that's kinda vacuous and tautological. Basically you're saying, "What if you die, then what?" Well, you're dead. Duh.

Ouya the company could be run very cleverly with very low expense. It could be an unkillable cockroach in the way that a lot of bootstrapped startups are.

If run by employees who have day jobs, with open source hardware, it could have nearly zero expense for long periods of time. They could find corporate sponsors who could give them server resources for their marketplace, then it would be zero expense if they wanted.

The company could die and the Ouya community could still go on, so long as someone paid for the servers.

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