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Plus a lot of the ideas he cites are good examples of applying technology, but there is nothing intellectually stunning about them that makes them hard to think of.

Mostly its carrying voice/video over ip. There isn't much to "invent" here. It happened as soon as the pipes could handle it. A CDN is an obvious concept if you understand how the internet is structured.

    It's always boiled down to one thing, lack marketing 
    budget. Lack of money to manufacture. Lack of the "right 
    connections" to raise money or make large sales because I 
    wasn't part of the good old boys/rich kids club. There is a 
    class system in this country whether you believe it or not.
     ... As soon as Microsoft or Real Video or some other big 
   company with deep pockets took notice, that was the end for
There is plenty of money for all that stuff, they just didn't need him to tell them how to do it.

The fact that two people invented Calculus at the same time (when global population was under a billion and children worked in factories) should clue him in that other people can have the same ideas he can. Calculus is a lot more novel than a CDN.

Anyway, everyone underestimates the importance of timing.

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