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From the looks of it, it will probably be closer to 100k, which still isn't much. But I would imagine that there are a number of developers in that group, which means by the time it is open to the general public, at least there will be some games ready.

At 100k no one will bother to make a game just for the Ouya, probably not even support the platform which means adding controller support to an existing game. Keep in mind some games sold 100k units and were deemed a failure, even good games.

This is a console.

> At 100k no one will bother to make a game just for the Ouya

Ouya is yet another Android variant. The amount of work porting isn't like porting from 2 completely different platforms like 360 to PS3 or iOS to Android. This is just from one Android device to another. Plus it's not like Android devs don't already have experience with dealing with Android fragmentation. There are also plenty of Android devs who don't get enough attention on the major app stores. For just a little more work in porting from one Android variant to another they can have a whole new venue.

I said a game just for the Ouya, you know an exclusive like say Uncharted for the PS3, not necessarily a big AAA game, but a game that's only available on the Ouya.

If there really is a smaller barrier to developing for Ouya than other consoles, there will be Ouya exclusives.

It doesn't need that.

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