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I wonder if everyone realizes that the money OUYA has "Committed" isnt really committed yet, you can go into your kickstarter account and remove your pledge any time before the time is up. It's a bet and a risky one at that, dependent on the betting confidence of thousands of other people.

I highly doubt that people are going to de-fund the OUYA project in large numbers. And what is the point of actively encouraging people to remove their pledge anyway? By now, I would assume just about everyone on kickstarter understands that there is a good deal of risk involved. Even if this project never makes it off the ground, people are giving OUYA money not necessarily for a console, but for the dream and hope of the disruption that the project will bring to the market.

I talked with a guy who raised $220k. He saw about 8% of that "disappear" in failed charges (things like the card had expired). Of course, anybody can unpledge, but those numbers are reflected in the current total.

So if a friend of mine had a Kickstarter project and I wanted to get it some attention, I could use a credit card, donate $10k, and then cancel my credit card straight after? Kickstarter would show it as a pledge but will never get the actual money. It seems like very dangerous idea of course =)

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