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Whoshouldifollow? Twitter recommendation engine (whoshouldifollow.com)
9 points by champion 3031 days ago | hide | past | web | 4 comments | favorite

A fun little response on Tumblr: http://whoshouldifollowontumblr.tumblr.com/

Great response! That truly is the spirit of twitter, start with a few, add as you go, and start dropping those that don't have anything interesting (as far as you are concerned) to say.

This site seems to use location as its main driver, which I guess is a good start as any, but I think another way to do it is to start following people you interact (in person, a blog that you follow, high profile people in things that interest you, book author) with and go from there. I think that aligns well with your interests.

The "follow" links aren't working?

Are you logged in to twitter? It just puts "follow username" as a tweet, which is a twitter code to start following that person. Not perfect, but doesn't require giving your username/password

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