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Twilio now enables messaging to over 150 countries worldwide (twilio.com)
58 points by jpadilla_ on July 12, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 22 comments

A full list of supported countries would be nice.

You can search by country here:


Or view all Countries, with exchange numbers, here:


Those links are for calling rather than SMS messaging.

I was curious so I scraped the data: http://pastebin.com/DAhjhY0y

Most unsupported countries/territories seem to be small islands. The most expensive maximum price is 14.1c/msg in Bulgaria and Vanuatu. The most expensive minimum price is 14.1c/msg in Vanuatu, then 8.3c/msg in Mexico (also its maximum).

I checked: Cambodia - yes, Yemen - yes, Libya - yes! Somalia - no, Cuba - no, Tibet - no

They say 150 countries and over 1000 carriers

Have you tried other parts of China?

But I need to define a custom SenderId. Most other SMS gateways allow this. Love the pricing though.

What does a custom SenderId mean?

In the US Twilio SMS show a number you have registered with Twilio so people can reply. Is this not the case with international SMS?

The pricing seems to be very reasonable. The only place I could find that was above 1 cent per sent message was Vietnam at 1.6 cents.

A regular table would be nice instead of having to search country-by-country.

Edit: a few island countries like Seychelles and Samoa are 1.2 cents.

Check western Europe:

Spain: 7.7 cents; Germany: 7 cents; France: 7 cents; Portugal: 5.6 cents; United Kingdom: 4 cents

The highest I've found so far is Mexico with 8.3 cents.

See my post up-thread for a table: Bulgaria and Vanuatu hit 14.1c.

Argentina (Claro) 7.5ยข / msg

Pretty cool, but how about MMS? For now, more complete support within the US would be great.

Is it 90-100% coverage in all of those 150 countries?

Pricing page @ http://www.twilio.com/sms/pricing , shows that inbound SMS is 1c per minute. Novel idea !

Out of curiosity, how much do I need to pay to get my pricing page on hackernews?

Love how Hacker News will post anything Twilio like their pricing, but competitors posts are instantly removed. More proof that HN is a silicon valley whore

Please post a competitor here, I would love to know about them. Every other SMS gateway I have ever dealt with wants to know how many million messages per month you send before they will talk to you.

Not that I have any attachment or preference to Tropo or Twillio but I think Tropo was there before and it has most things free thru development time since I know. And it supported my country since I know of them.

For international/paid/premium SMS, I think Sybase 365 is still the 900 pound gorilla.

Twilio has many, many more HN users as customers than all of those other companies so naturally the collective will be more interested in it. Also, while I was there we worked really hard to be active contributors to HN so the company has a good reputation here.

I love how you felt the need to create a sockpuppet account for this complaint. If you hate HN, the internet is a big place.

Haha...sockpuppet account!

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