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I remember comversions from back a while ago, and I liked it. LeadRiver is not in my space - so no comment.

With that said... what skills do you have/offer? Do you do iOS? Server/back-end anything? Or just web front-end...

What if my MVP (and I have money to back it) is iOS client with a server component? Can you do this?

Hi Sam, Thanks for the kind words =)

Largely front-end & back-end dev. So HTML/CSS/jQuery, Ruby/Rails/SQL. Been playing around a bit with Ember, so that can fit in there somewhere.

Unfortunately, not iOS stuff (at the moment).

If the MVP is iOS client with a server component, let's discuss it and see. I may not be able to do the iOS client - but maybe just the back-end. Or maybe I can work with someone (they do the iOS client, and I do the back-end).

Email me if you are still interested, or leave me your email address and I will reach out to you.


I hate to butt in like this but my starting-up startup is looking to help people with exactly your needs. We do "ridiculously rapid development" for web and mobile - check out http://prontotype.us/

In case OP is not into iOS, I would love to help. Will use parse for backend if thats cool!

Send me your vitals: ss@teecom.com

I'd like to see what your background is etc..

but, with the .de I assume you're german and not in the SFbay? If so, are you compelling enough to do this?

I am really looking for an in-office hire...

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