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My First Day Working a Full-time job (at my startup) (paulstamatiou.com)
36 points by PStamatiou on Jan 7, 2009 | hide | past | web | favorite | 12 comments

Unlike some corporate jobs where you might be looking for something to do (or not), there was no shortage of work to be done on my first day.

This is what is so fun about a startup - never an empty to-do list - and they're always new challenges.

I envy your full-time position and dream of that day myself - keep up the good work!

I have to say I love your skribit.com 'About' page.

Among your quotes you have "What is it? I really have no idea. Michael Arrington, TechCrunch".

How does this suppose to ring with a potential user?

Edit-- Besides, congrats for going fulltime on your project, keep it up!!

You'll find yourself being a night owl again in no time. Its just a lot less distracting, and you can be a LOT more productive.

Also either get better lighting...or turn it off completely. What you have now is very depressing, and will take a toll on your productivity once the initial high of doing a startup wears off

Yeah I actually moved my desk last night and brought in another lamp. I am very happy with my lighting now:


thanks for the comment

Keep going at it Paul

you'll know you're truly living the high life when you replace those starbucks beans. also, congrats on taking the leap.

thanks rob! you still in ATL or in Palo Alto? I can't remember.

we moved to london to be in the center of the advertising community, which is working out well. been there about 4 months now (i can confirm that it's always raining here).

Congrats Paul! Hopefully going to be implementing Skribit on a blog I'm relaunching in a few days!

nice green on black terminal

i miss osx transparent terminal ... i can't get the equivalent in linux/bsd :(

I haven't used the osx terminal, but gnome-terminal can be transparent if that is all you want.

When I read "Skribit", my mind substituted it with "Scribd".

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