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Pretty awesome distillation of the history of software tools since, oh, no later than 1980.

Back in the dino days, the rate of change was tiny compared to today's daily delta V. We mostly had monthly and a few weekly rags to tell us about the next big thing; there weren't that many next big things, anyway. Hey, it was a really big deal when cartridge tapes came out and we didn't have to thread a 1/2 inch magtape by hand anymore... Geez, who could forget 1-base-T networking? or 9600 baud modems? Whew.

Don't get me started on software innovations like Oracle SQL\Forms! ManOhMan! Fergit CICS!

Seriously - the barrier of entry is so low now, that the least of us can throw something up on the wall and if it sticks or even just leaves a little residue, the flies are all over it, preaching it up, "This is the best shit ever."

There really isn't much new out there, mostly it's just lots of new flavor wheels. Think "Hudsucker Proxy" at times like this...

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