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I'm sorry to put an honest start-up down, but we do actually have a patent pending within the US on using a combination of mobile, geotagging and social media mining to steal your data (and everything else you own), which we filed to protect investors in our new start-up, Robbrrr (formerly burgle.me, formerly @MyHouse).

We too ran into a spot of legal trouble with our initial concept, but lawyers have assured us that if we pay them enough money, they can insert wording into our terms and conditions that means we can steal anything we want from anyone and be completely immune to consequences such as negative press, criminal prosecution, or not sleeping at night after finally accepting the ruthlessly exploitative and completely unethical nature of our business model.

We think we've built a great service and have complete confidence in our future revenue generation potential, but as luck would have it, we've just closed an acquisition deal with a totally above-board company called PatentULike, Inc anyway. They have given us written assurances that they are experts on collecting patents like the one we are about to receive and, despite not producing any tangible product or service so far, they have a sustainable business model that will allow them to exploit those patents fully in due course.

We feel this is the most socially acceptable exit under our current circumstances, leaving the fruits of our hard work in safe hands, providing a solid return for our early investors, and coincidentally also making us richer than Donald Trump's hairdresser.

But we'll have to ask these Vooza people to stop stealing data from mobiles, please.

I think this calls for a public shaming. Be sure to blog about it and post it to HN.

I'm a bit confused. I feel like this is an extremely old joke at this point. Aren't we all pretty keenly aware of the memes and absurdities that crowd the startup industry? Am I missing some unique or new observation being made that hasn't been made 50 times already by pretty much everyone?

> Aren't we all pretty keenly aware of the memes and absurdities that crowd the startup industry?

Or, another way of putting it, 'Hasn't everyone on Hacker news been exposed to the same articles/knowledge/humor I have been exposed to?'

If something seems old and tired to you, yet is still getting upvotes, the answer is probably 'no'.

Taking it even a step further -- I'm jaded enough to believe they're actually going to piggyback off the promotion of this joke with a real product

Truth can be stranger than fiction, what you described already happened. Back when everybody was going gaga for Kevin Rose's "Milk" startup a parody mobile app beta that pre-oink'd Oink called Jotly put out a video kind of like the Vooza one. The developer of the parody vid actually went on to release the app.



I don't know if that's jaded... it's pretty realistic.

You may be right. I may be crazy. And it just may be a lunatic you're looking for. Or a werewolf. Hmm.

The first video satirizing the Apple-style "design process" promotional videos was great.

The second video making fun of buzz words (cloud, social, local), acronyms (RSS, API) and startups being oblivious to making money is a really tired and overdone joke.

Always the same joke, only the buzzwords change https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmo1ef7tVso (I think they're still funny).

Yeah, I missed the "Apple" video the first time around. Much funnier than the second vid.

We are the kings of tired and overdone jokes yearning to be free!

What is old news to you may be new news to others. Or as Bob Dylan sang, I was so much more 2.0 than, I'm more beta now. Or was that The Beatles? Hmm.

It's not about the joke, it's about the execution.

I laughed, a lot. Win!

Hey, that's the spirit. Thanks pxlphsr! More on the way soon.

If the hacker community ever loses the ability to laugh at itself, I would be worried. Taking yourself too seriously is not good for one's health.

Start/Stoppable video so you can replay scenes http://vimeo.com/44424340

"We believe in the power of iteration, we originally started out as StumbleMonkey, which was like AirBnb but for online-dating, so when you left town you could rent out your spouse or partner. Great idea, but then we found out it was illegal, so we had to pivot.. So we changed our name to Googoprrrrrr. That's 6 r's. And that app was like Spotify, meets Grindr, but for rental cars, but ran as if it were for a hotel. "

The sad thing is it took me a few minutes to realize that this was a parody.

I'm pretty used to seeing Hacker News posts about something and having absolutely no idea what they are talking about.

Based on the way headlines are edited, this seems to be on purpose.

Agreed. In this case I didn't even bother with the link & went straight to the comments. Usually the first few comments point out some flaw of the product __in clear language__ and from that one can work out what the product being criticized is. Much faster than trying to figure out the product from the company's marketing speak.

Since you're probably wondering whence downvotes: You seem to be talking about going into a thread with a confusing headline and not understanding the topic. You're not meant to wade in with nothing more than the headline as a guide. Commenting on a story without reading it is a really annoying practice that leads to some very frustrating discussions.

EDIT: Wow, downvoted into the ground for trying to be nice and explain constructively what I disagreed with. I don't mean to complain, but I would like to suggest that readers consider what kind of discourse they'd like to see before blindly downvoting.

5 upvotes came out of nowhere in 30 seconds so I'm not too worried.

But I'll point out two examples from just this week where article+headline completely failed. First is Aaron Winburn; I had no idea of why this was on HN until a commenter helpfully pointed out he was a Drupal developer. Second is "Trello is now half-million strong." The headline, nor the article, told me what the heck Trello was.

Maybe this is conscious decision on the part of the HN moderators to keep out newbs.

> Second is "Trello is now half-million strong." The headline, nor the article, told me what the heck Trello was.

How is that a problem in that particular case? This was not an introductory post for Trello. Introducing you to the product was not its purpose. This was an update on the product's blog telling you that Trello now has 500k subscribers. But if you for some reason clicked on the article wanting to know what Trello is, I'm pretty sure they have a link to the actual product right there. Including an introduction to Trello in the article text would have been a waste of most people's time.

Then again (and recognizing you make a good point), there have been plenty of times when I read the site, have no idea what is going on, check the comments for some enlightenment, and feel like I'm the only one who still has no idea what the article is supposed to be about.

Vooza is cool, but I feel for other startups like http://zombo.com that have been working that niche for much longer. Hopefully, there's enough investment capital for everyone.

Anything is possible.

CollegeHumor did a better parody over a year ago. http://www.collegehumor.com/video/6507690/hardly-working-sta...

This is like Lorem Ipsum for startup pitches. They should make the site title changeable via the URL, so you could use it to pitch any lame ass startup and get them VC monies.

Businessweek's Mad Libs startup pitch template could help: http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2012-04-26/mad-libs-sta...

Brilliant. I'm sure that Brad Bradstone will be one of the first to sign up: http://doublestealth.blogspot.com/

Everything that is wrong with tech startups in one video.

If you still think Rails's concurrency model is sufficient, you're so f*cking behind. So I think I'm even with DHH.

They forgot one item in the list of things they make fun of: "Create a landing page and collect emails without telling why/what they are signing up for, because it will be awesome".

It's true! But really, it will be awesome.

Very entertaining. Hey, can the Vooza guys tell me how you guys did your video? What equipment did you use? How did you get the black background with lighting done well?

Thanks for the laugh

It's inspirational in that whole, take failure and make nothing of it sort of way. I need a Kleenex. And Vooza.

Vooza comes with Kleenex. It's your lucky day!

I can't seem to find Vooza's jobs page? Anyone know if their hiring?

If their hiring is what?


Thanks all for the feedback! There is indeed more coming from Vooza soon. Sign up for the email list at the site to get notified of what we've got in store next.

Ha, something like that wouldn't surprise me these days. Of course I signed up for the mailing list, looking forward to more exciting 'product announcements'.

Doesn't load for me, care to fill me in?

I can't tell if this is a joke or not...

The "we steal your data" tagline in the video didn't give it away?

no. i can't tell anymore.

How about this one: http://twitterphishr.com/

"A joke is like beauty. It is in the eye of the beholder." -Steve Ballmer

It's like a corollary to Poe's Law. I love it.

It's like Portlandia.. for startups?

If only REAL teaser pages had videos hinting at what the hell you were signing up for.

With Flash blocker enabled, there is zero indication of what this really is.

Maybe you need a better flash blocker. The site worked great on iOS.

I have flash enabled, but there was no reason for me to click on a video. I have to be at least a little interested before I'll watch a video.

There's a certain amount of irony in this comment. If only there was a way to capture this sentiment in the joke that is Vooza.

Just watch it. Do it for me. Truly innovative stuff.

Can't be flash 'cause it played on my iPhone.

Welcome to 2012.

Complaining that a one-off video joke doesn't work with flashblock is awesome and contributing to the conversation; pointing out the absurdity of such a comment is downvote material.

Get a grip.

TIL: startups = mobile app + real-time + cloud + social + local

Looking forward to the title police stopping by soon on this one.

Umm? Is this for real, or are we being trolled?

Can someone please tell me what Vooza does???

It's not a real product. The video is a parody of where the startup industry has been heading.

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