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"My plan to solve this is to open-source my tools/libraries"

Quick advice: Don't. You'll make it worse.

You're already undermining your thing in that first sentence ("switch it to X so that other people will understand it"). Turning an in-house framework into a "ready for the real world" framework is a ton of work and will invariably need to dull down the sharp edges and general case a bunch of things.

The thing is, those sharp edges are what make it such a good tool. You want sharp edges on your tools. Dull tools might not hurt anybody else but they won't be as good at doing what they do.

You've got something that works really well for you. Chances are it's so focused towards your workflow and way of thinking about the world that it just won't be all that useful to anybody but you. That's just fine.

Trying to make it useful for everybody else will only succeed in making it less useful for you.

Hey Jason. The general problem is hiring people when you use a lot of internal tools - - as some of them are made in a haste and are hackish, and most of them don't really have good documentation. But maybe you have a point and the first step could be to clean the tools up and write some internal documentation for them.

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