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I think this post is missing the point a little. Being a good programmer, despite what recruitment ads like to portray, is not about being proficient in dozens of frameworks and languages. No, it's about learning the skill of learning new frameworks and languages.

Getting into a new platform or familiarizing with a new tool is something you get better at the more you do it. Learning your eleventh programming language will be easier than learning the third. Getting familiar with yet another framework is easier if you know a few already and can compare the similarities and differences.

And let's not forget about the fundamentals. Having a strong background in web plumbing, understanding http and html, etc well is the key to being a good web programmer, not which frameworks you know by heart. Knowing a little theory about programming will make it easier to grok new languages faster.

If you're tired of constantly learning new frameworks and languages, go learn C and systems programming. That stuff is going to stick around for a long time and will provide secure jobs for the foreseeable future.

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