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Out of curiosity, did you ever spend much time reading the code of the various frameworks on offer? Especially since you have the experience of building everything from scratch, I think you could have the same level of understanding of any frameworks you put together by browsing the code.

In Rails land at least, a lot of relatively inexperienced developers tend to have trouble when they can't google for the thing they want to implement or find it in the docs. I find that if I open up the source in roughly the area in which I need to implement something, a hook point is provided at about the right level of abstraction. Your mileage with other frameworks/environments may vary.

I jump into the Rails (or other Ruby libraries) source for understanding quite often. This is good advice, but for folks coming from static languages it's really a challenge to figure out how to find stuff. I've resorted to running it all under a debugger and setting breakpoints, just so I can find out which monkey-patch (or non-namespaced, duplicate class) is being called.

2 things in particular I use:

* Bundle comes with a `bundle open <gemname>` command that opens up the gems source code in whatever your shells $EDITOR is set to. I use this at least three or four times a day.

* Pry (an IRB alternative) will tell you the file + line of the definition of the method you'd be running if you ran `show-source some_object.some_method`. You can also `ls` and `cd` your way around ruby modules/objects which has been invaluable.

If you use Pry's `edit-method some_object.some_method`[1] you can actually open the method in an editor and it'll even fast forward the cursor to the first line of the method.

[1] https://github.com/pry/pry/wiki/Editor-integration#wiki-Edit...

Definitely check out Pry (http://pry.github.com). It's designed specifically for your use case... Just start Pry, load the gems you want, and then navigate to the method/class you want to know about using Pry's `ls` and `cd` commands. Once you find what you want, either use `show-source` to view the source directly in Pry, or use `edit-method` to open it in an editor.

Beyond a point, mastery over a particular framework comes only when you look at the actual code. Just fire up a debugger with a breakpoint set in the problem area. Figure out what happens and understand why your code is breaking. Rinse and repeat for ninja level in your framework of choice.

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