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If you start your day by reading your favorite software development news aggregation sites, containing news about interesting libraries, frameworks and how different people have succeeded with them; you can get disillusioned about the importance of technology choices.

Your project is not the framework you use, nor does it matter which language you chose. It is a non-issue if Facebook or Google uses the same stuff you do. Your projects value is not a combination of buzz-words.

Choose technology based on what gets the job done, and all the better if it makes the project fun to do. Don't be paralyzed by the choice, focus on solving the problems of your project instead.

Off to write a Clojure compiler in Haskell which can run natively on iOS and translate itself to HTML5 for live development with SocketIO backing the Closure optimized Javascript using node.js for the concurrency model.

PS. The last bit is a joke

No doubt you've heard of this? https://github.com/jspahrsummers/cocoa-clojure

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