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I would somewhat agree with this. I recently wrote a completely client-side app using a variety of different micro-frameworks. I used Parse's JS API for my backend. At the end of the day, I felt that a traditional CRUD system on a LAMP stack would have probably been easier to implement and would have fit the client's requirements just as well

Thanks for sharing. I feel like a lot of the time we forget what problem we are solving. The client rarely asks for new technology or a specific stack as much as they ask for web presence, some system integration, or an app to fill a specific need.

I'm in exactly the same situation - will try to finish it anyway though, but in general I regret that I didn't go with Flask and instead went with a client-side + REST framework.

Even if you're doing a client side app, some views are easier to implement in the server-side "full-page reload" style, and you want to have the option to do that.

Also, its very funny how sometimes I think I don't need the four CRUD operations for some object ("oh no, this one works differently") but in the end always notice I do need them...

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