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oh, JavaScript you say? I stopped on jQuery! Everything else sort of flutters by... too much! Especially since .NET is going insane right now with kick-ass magic! So I'm still trying to catch up on .NET stuff and the JavaScript is sort of passing in another lane, but I'm like the old lady who won't take my eyes off of my lane beacuse I'm too scared to let go of the wheel that I'm barely hanging on to.

Exhausting as it may seem, its far cooler than 10 years ago! As another reason pointed out, use what you like.

ASP.NET MVC - check LINQ - check EntityFramework - check

next step, SignalIR!

next next step: Metro! :)

I've used .NET from the start and since 3.5/4.0 its just ramped up. Feels like every day there is a new acronym to master!

ASP.NET MVC 4.0 projects now include knockout.js by default. So that may be around for a while if only to support .NET devs who are just using out-of-the-box technologies.

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