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Evil is absolutely awesome. It is hands down the best Vim emulation I have ever seen in any text editor and even manages to not clash with stock Emacs much.

That said, my mind is incapable of handling both Emacs and Vim at the same time. When I used Evil, I would forego all the greatness Emacs provides in favor of Vim.

Still, maybe Evil makes more sense coming from Emacs than coming from Vim (aka maybe I should try it again).

I don't know--as I said, I haven't tried it. In fact, I've never even used Vim beyond :wq. But if it's even half as good as you're describing, I might just try it--all the power of Emacs combined with Vim-style commands sounds like a very good deal.

It reminds me of the joke "Emacs is a great OS, but it needs a good text editor".

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