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Is it just me or is Ctrl-P really slow for me?

The moment I start Ctrl-P in Vim, it takes about 20 seconds just to index and then when I began to type, the letters I type appear really slow and it takes ages for it to actually type out the whole word. Same when I delete a word by hitting backspace.

Command-T is, I would say, 40% faster for me but there is the same lag when typing/backspacing.

There's a good chance you need to invest in your wildignore or ctrlp ignore settings. I run: https://gist.github.com/67de417c5c38f0ff8093 in the end of my ~/.vimrc to ignore the SCM directory, the tmp directory and my data-dirs (you can adapt as required) - this makes ctrlp really responsive for me. YMMV.

CtrlP (and other similar plugin)s doesn't have knowledge of your filesystem before you point them to a directory and it has scanned its content. Obviously, this operation can take some time on large/deep directories which will vary between implementations.

Luckily CtrlP gives you a bunch of ways to accelerate the whole thing. See `:h ctrlp`.

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