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I don't see any inconsistency whatsoever between the post you link to and what just happened. Tom was clearly talking about early funding, essentially when you just started, and how that can affect your product and its future. The fact that they raised that much actually proves Tom's point: That you should approach VC money from a strong position, which you can't reach if you start off with VCs watching over you.

Update: This post[1] (Above for the moment) says it better.

[1] http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=4220725

Perhaps you misread my comment? I specifically say, "I don't see any inconsistency."

yes I indeed did misread your comment. Sorry about that! I read a couple of threads here and there and the number of comments raising this issue was increasing, so my eye only caught the inconsistency part of it. Sorry again.

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