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I find it fascinating how little attention this huge branding mistake has gotten. It was extraordinarily amateurish on the part of Apple, the kind of mistake I would have expected from Microsoft a few years ago. Except had Microsoft made that mistake, they would have been properly ridiculed for it.

They already follow this naming format with the iPod Touch, and no one has any problem buying them, or selling them on eBay. This whole thing is a made up problem.

As jaxn said, Apple has been making this "mistake" with Macs for years and it hasn't hurt them.

And iPods. The iPod touch 1st generation, 2nd generation, 3rd generation, 4th generation were just the "new iPod touch".

The problem is, they're still selling the previous-generation models. Assuming they do the same thing with the iPhone 5, calling it only the "new iPhone", the confusion will be even more widespread.

Nobody cares with regard to the various Mac refreshes, but it was a customer-unfriendly move in this case.

Really? I mean, the new iPhone will probably have a 4" screen. The current iPhone 4S is 0.5" smaller. Consumer shouldn't have a problem distinguishing them.

The branding mistake was calling the second iPad the iPad 2

You'd think somebody would have learned from the mistake of Modernism & Post-modernism.

Why is it a mistake? I would be pretty happy if I owned the 'iPad' brand. Seems more valuable than 'the new iPad', IMO.

To me, it seems like Apple is simply resetting expectations.

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