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I love GitHub, but anyone else felt it was a little immodest for TPW to say they'd "hire Marc" if they could? Can't put it into words, but I don't feel that Tom is in the position to make that statement.

Really, "We wish we could hire them both" irks you?

Sounds to me like a great heuristic for whether a person would be a good investor.

I realize it's a statement of praise, but I think Marc is legendary in the valley and an immensely successful investor/veteran of the business. Implying that he'd be in the running to become an employee at GitHub just felt off. Again, hard to put it into words.

...the entire point of that statement was that he's not in the running.

I found it to be very flattering :-).

Well then, I'm going to go be quiet elsewhere now.

(Hi Marc!)

Yeh...to be honest...that kinda irked me too. It feels like he is trying to assert his "geek cred", by making sure both Marc and Github's users know who is still in charge.

But it feels a bit trite.

That being said, I wish them all the best. The truth is, if there is anyone that I think would be an awesome partner for Github it is AH. So I hope they do awesome stuff together.

Guys, lighten up. It was a joke.

I read this as a commentary on the respect that they feel for him.

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