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As of Clojure 1.3, defrecord (and deftype) automatically define factory functions in the same namespace as the record itself. defrecord generates 2 such functions, one that takes positional arguments and one that takes a map. So once you have :use'd or :require'd the namespace, you can do stuff like the following without having to import anymore:

    (->World [:foo])
    (->World {:tiles [:foo]})
More details here:


Oh cool, I didn't know that. I kind of blocked 1.3 out of my memory after the "let's remove clojure.contrib and break everyone's shit" mess.

It's good to know that progress toward patching all the places Java tends to leak through into Clojure is happening.

I can't say I'm a fan of the punctuation-laden syntax, but I'll pick my battles and not complain about it.

I'll switch over to this new form tonight and mention it in one of the later posts. Thanks!

This, and before 1.3 you were supposed to define a constructor function yourself. I'm pretty sure that was somewhere in the documentation. Or in the clojure.org/datatypes. Or in some mailing list post that I red. The Clojure documentation is a mess.

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