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Yeah, I initially learned vim because I didn't really have a choice (it was expected for the class that we would use vim), and I remember it being very painful in the beginning.

However, just like any other tool you use on a regular basis, those commands become muscle memory very quickly and you don't even think about it.

Now I use vim for work, mostly editing c code. I have a very barebones vimrc and have never installed a little bundle or package. I use it mainly because of its simplicity and terminal integration.

I can't say I'm a very visual person though. I get distracted with too many bells and whistles and often times even just switching windows causes me to get distracted by the interwebz (...i'm a bit add), so I like the simplicity of a blank screen.

Point being, vim isn't for everyone, but using vim doesn't have to be this big giant complicated endeavor that everyone seems to make it out to be.

(Small confession: I also really feel kind of bada$$ when I'm sitting behind a black terminal with green text...)

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