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"We never waged war against Microsoft over IE7, we simply wanted people to upgrade their web browsers..."

Maybe so, but the splash says "Use a better browser" and lists Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. It would be ridiculous for Microsoft to remove the page from their search results because of this, but at just a glance, and maybe to the untrained user, it could look like the are waging war on IE as a whole, and not just trying to get users to "simply upgrade their browsers."

IIRC, XP will only ever go as high as IE7 or IE8. Vista will only go as high as IE9. Anyone hanging around on those operating systems, will need to look outside of Microsoft for a more up-to-date browser.

That true. They could've simply linked to the IE9 download page.

But I think MS's algorithm would have de-ranked the site because any IR algorithm considers the content of the page too - if the web page served to IE users is about redirecting to browser download pages, their crawler (which may identify itself as IE) might not consider it to be the best result about 'Kogan'.

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