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I always found that among friends the solution is as simple as:

How are you? Fine. Me too. So how are you really?

Conversation begins. Putting the really on the end turns the "how are you" from a monolithic grunt of acknowledgement into a real sentence. Try it, but only when you have a few minutes for an actual conversation. "How are you" and "fine" are just the SYN and ACK of human (American English) speech.

> "How are you" and "fine" are just the SYN and ACK of human (American English) speech.

Haha! This cracked me up. I bet I would be a lot more social if I could find mappings between communication protocols and human interactions.

You probably can. Faces and body languages are completely learnable as APIs, and I've lately been studying conversation itself.

The hard part is that style matters. Think of yourself as a web crawler; how do you poke at each webpage to get them to tell you everything you're interested in knowing?

How do you know you are at a place for geeks?

When human interactions are being explained in TCP terms instead of the other way round ;).

Nice, isn't it? Kind of feels like -i lo -j ACCEPT.

Hey! Get off my iptables!

In high school there were a couple of friends who I would say "SYN" to on the way past down the corridor and get an "ACK" in reply.

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