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Microsoft to launch Bing Fund angel investment incubator (zdnet.com)
18 points by hackerbob on July 8, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 11 comments

Microsoft likes to take their product names and apply them in weird places. Maybe they can call it MS Bing .NET Fund.

I wonder how much of a Bing tie-in the projects will. Red to have? If it's none, the name is silly. If it's too much and they try to force it, I can't see it doing well.

That was supposed to say required, but I think I missed the time limit to edit

I've been hoping Microsoft would do this for years. I always assumed it would never happen, because... Well, I don't know. Why do companies where all of the senior people have read "The Innovator's Dilemma" still suck? Whatever the reason is for that.

In any case, I'm happy to be proven wrong.

You would think with Bill Gates being the most influential philanthropist in the world that it would have been done by now. One huge way to help the world is to encourage intellectual/technological growth. Maybe this actually was partly brought on by his inquiry, anyone know more details about the root of this advent at Microsoft?

I think he has more interesting things to spend his money on than 'more of the same' out of Microsoft. Also, it would likely be a bit demoralizing to create the world's largest, most successful software company and then finally have to admit that 'no, we can't do it all on our own.'

I suppose but I would think that he would know mavericks like himself would never agree to work for a corporation under someone else, they would rather freelance until they can conquer that corp, sell to that corp, or create a new market. But maybe he's just supposing there's not another Gates out there? ;)

A dinosaur trying to look cool and hip. YAWN.

Every time there is a post about Microsoft, this is the obligatory response. I understand that being such a huge company makes it difficult to change, but from the inside it's very exciting seeing all of the new innovations coming out. Microsoft is certainly no longer resting on the success of Windows but is actually trying to make cool, useful products and shaking things up.

I keep hearing similar sentiments from friends associated with Microsoft, and I love my Windows Phone, but there needs to be a better response to the trolls than just 'this is getting old'.

Microsoft only has themselves to blame for the public perception of them. They did such a horrible job at marketing for so long, that people got really bored with them.

Sadly, though the products are great, the marketing is still boring.

You know what is cool and hip? Having something meaningful to say and keeping a open mind. If a company is taking a step in the right direction, learn to appreciate it regardless of its past mistakes.

A tired old anti-MS meme trying to look cool and hip. YAWN.

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