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The single biggest thing that's helped me context switch between projects (or return to one) has been keeping a project log.

To me, a project log is to documentation as Twitter is to blogging--it requires little effort but over time provides useful pointers to where you were at the time.

Originally I used a "one way personal wiki" to keep track, like this: http://code.rancidbacon.com/ProjectLogArduinoUSB

But when I lost the server it was on I decided to re-implement it on Google App Engine and make it available to other people, thus was born Labradoc, here's an example project log: http://www.labradoc.com/i/follower/p/project-sms-text-scroll...

It's kinda a "commit log for your day".

This is very cool. I hate coming back to a project a couple months later and having no idea what state things got left in.

Thanks. :)

Yeah, it's really helped with those "now, what was that command line I used?" and "how did I solve that problem last time?" type questions too.

And not just for yourself. It also helps other people pick up "incomplete" projects you might have lying around that you cough haven't got around to documenting yet.

I like it. I have done some things like this in the past, but not in as much detail as yours. Very inspiring!

Cheers. :) I have to admit as much as I would like everyone to use Labradoc, inspiring other developers to get in the habit of writing public project logs is a prime objective too--whatever they use.

I started out with just writing single line entries but because they proved so useful it encouraged me to spend a little more time writing longer entries. (Although I often end up with a whole bunch of browser tabs open as a result. :) )

When I've done it, I've done it as a status log at the bottom of the README, or in a separate file in the project. But I think your level of detail is just right: it doesn't look ridiculously time consuming, and yet it captures the real content & momentum of the project.

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