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I believe its too late. Too much money has been already spent by lobbyst and all third parties dying to make trillions off of this scam (vide Chertoff and his radiation scanners: first it was just airports (and I somehow agree) with a reasoning that 300 people aboard a plane can be killed by one idiot with a bomb and when you fly a plane you are in one guy's hands (pilot), but now they are fully rolling it into stadiums, train stations, buses, soon schools universities and all public entities to join, including libraries (no explanation why -- just simple so that bearded guy hiding in Afghanistan mountains won't get you). Chertoff will make ten thousands-fold on his initial investment; brilliant business anywhere outside US would be called illegal and conflict of interest).

I bet you DHS will turn this horrible news into a good PR, something like "we noticed they could take over our drone, but you see if we get additional 10 billion in funding, we could use encryption over GPS and then all our drones will be safe again".

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