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It's their API, and they can do what they want with it - but I'm not entirely sure shutting it down is entirely in line with "we love you guys [API users], and the plan is to continue to support our developer community", which is what they posted on their blog when the acquisition was announced.

A lot of people took this to mean the API was going to keep running.

When a company is acquired (I speak from experience) the first thing its people are told is, nothing is going to change for you, we bought you for what you do, and we want you to go on doing it, with the support of our sales organization, or words to that effect.

This isn't strictly a lie, because the person who says this genuinely believes it. But the problem comes from, he doesn't stick around to follow through. Maybe he gets promoted. Maybe he's the "acquisitions guy" and he's gone onto the next juicy startup to tell them the same thing.

The guy you actually end up working for doesn't care about your startup. To him, you're just employees of the firm who got hired a slightly different way than the Graduate Trainee Fast Track Programme he came in on, and it's not that he resents you as outsiders or anything, he just doesn't see why you shouldn't be treated and act the same as everyone else. And since you work for him now, you vote either way with your feet.

Facebook's trying to maintain a closed ecosystem. API being available wasn't likely to happen. Just shows you how genuine and steadfast to their authenticity they are..

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