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Everyone poops (delian.io)
9 points by MIT_Hacker on July 5, 2012 | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

Your idea is okay, but I think you're describing the earliest stages of developing social skills. Eventually, you don't to walk around with some idea in your head, you want to spontaneously interact with people in an interesting way that will make feel good (intrigued, empathetic, enlightened, excited, whatever).

Having things prepared to talk about is a great stepping stone and a useful tool. So is filling your life with interesting things to share with people. So is being authentically interested in others.

It's awesome that your thinking about social skills. Social skills are crucial! Just don't go with spelling your name backwards, that is lame, and anyone cool is going to immediately think you are lame after you drop that bomb, even if they don't show it.

I guess it's the way I think of starting conversations when I'm nervous. On the note of my name, that's how I introduced myself to Jak Dorsey the first time I met him and he loved it!

Aren't there a million things to talk about with Sergey? Here's a pro-tip: successful people enjoy talking about how they became successful.

Or, as Dale Carnegie said, people like to talk about themselves. Make them feel good about it, then they'll order widgets from you.

How does everyone not see through that?

Can't say that I view Sergey's poop as smelling any better than anyone else's.

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