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All universities should have a "defense against the dark arts" class where students learn how to weigh evidence, arguments, and logic. Outside of that, I believe class should be opinionated and biased.

If that were the case, then quacks would find themselves without an audience.

I do worry that by casting quacks out of polite society, we will also cast out iconoclasts and free thinkers.

The Singularity Institute is working on it (or rather, the spinning-off Center for Applied Rationality is working on it); and indeed, we have literally been known to refer to it as "Defense Against the Dark Arts".

Is there any relationship between Singularity Institute and Singularity University?

Not at the moment.

Holy crap, I totally missed the difference in names. I hope this isn't causing adverse publicity to you guys.

jacoblyles most likely got that phrase from your writings :).

>weigh evidence, arguments, and logic

Philosophy 101

What school even just mentions Bayes' theorem in Philosophy 101?

> "All logic texts are divided into two parts. In the first part, on deductive logic, the fallacies are explained; in the second part, on inductive logic, they are committed."

--Morris Raphael Cohen, quoted by Cohen in "The Earth Is Round (p < 0.05)"

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