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I'm shocked at how Cloudflare is downplaying the importance of TTFB just because their service happens to INCREASE them.

What I would have liked to see was them showing commitment to how they will be IMPROVING the TTFB.

I love Cloudflare but seriously, saying TTFB is not important is just non-sense. Whoever says TTFB doesn't mean anything either doesn't know what they are talking about or they just buying into the hype of cloudflare/cdn services.

Take a look at a "typical" magento store for example: http://www.hybrid-racing.com/store

It has a 1.5 TTFB. This site is slow and no matter what CDN or WPO (front-end optimizations) you do, it will always take 1.5 second page to page.

Only way to speed up this site is switching over to faster hosting, something more preferable like linode's SAS 15K5 RAID10 hosting and/or perform some caching (e.g; full-page caching via varnish).

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