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The main issue seems to be Vivek Wadhwa (not the whole University) for sending out one poorly thought out mass-email that is vaguely in support of homeopathy.

If I remember correctly, Vivek Wadhwa also authored quite a few articles (on Techcrunch and elsewhere) that demonstrated a poor understanding of stats/science.

For example:



When a VP Academic makes a statement, this statement is supposed to reflect the view of the entire institution. When a VP Academic makes such public statements demonstrating gross misunderstanding of science (which I would describe as incompetence), (s)he can normally expect to be fired if (s)he works for a reputable institution.

That's disappointing though. Nobody is going to give credence to the crazy-sounding core tenets of Singularity U if they allow pseudo scientists on their staff.

If I were in charge of Singularity U I would view this as immediate grounds for firing Mr. Wadhwa.

Wadhwa keeps putting out immigration studies, like this one, http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1348616 "Americas Loss is the World's Gain: America's New Immigrant Entrepreneurs" on why immigrant entrepreneurs and skilled tech workers are leaving the U.S. to return home, decrying the brain drain, and that it is devestating the U.S. economy.

The studies consistently show visa issues are almost never the primary reason they are returning to their home countries. Many are going back to India and China because their economies are or at least were booming offering more opportunities, they are more comfortable in their homeland, nearer family and friends, less culture shock, etc.

He will then immediately whipsaw around and insist its urgent the U.S. pass Startup Visa and increase H1-B quotas to somehow solve the pressing visa problem… which isn't actually the problem per his own studies.

So if the guy is willing to ignore the results from his own study because its inconvenient to the agenda he is pushing, this latest episode surprises me not at all. Once he latches on to something he seems to stick to it, regardless of what the data says. His long running primary agenda seems to be he wants the U.S. to throw the doors open to all Indian engineers and entrepeneurs who want to come. This also happens to be a popular agenda with a lot of big tech companies and VC's which contributes to his popularity among certain circles.

>The studies consistently show visa issues are almost never the primary reason they are returning to their home countries.

Personally in my case, Visa issues were the no.1 reason that I moved back to India.

It seemed unfair that while all other developers in the US could happily do indie and freelance work in their free time and even start their own company, while I had to be an H1-B slave and work for pretty much the same company for 6-8 years before I could even get permanent residency.

Also even working for startups and getting equity is mostly out of question as most startups typically dont do H1-Bs until they are large enough. Your only choice is to work for a shitty megacorp and get confined to your cubicle and a mediocre pay for 6-8 years. Also make sure you are nice H1-B slave coz if you get fired you have to leave in 30 days.

Seriously fuck that!

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