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LOVE it.

I always hated screen casts. I prefer creating a Word or PDF document with annotated screenshots which user can go through at their own pace. One of the idea in my idea list was to make it easy to take screenshots and annotate them and create a polished PDF.

But what you have created is even better. It is highly interactive and user can follow the steps as they work on the actual application. Extremely well done. I think you should market the hell out of this. I think there are lot of buyers out there for this kind of software.

What kind of pricing are we looking at?

P.S.: Always great to see a team of Indians creating a software product, I wish you all the best. I hope you also become as successful as Visual Website Optimizer guys.

thanks much...we're going to follow a github type model..public tutorials are free...for premium we are going to offer pdf, ppt, doc and html export to deploy on your own servers...

Love it -- put that simple sentence up on the pricing page even if it's half baked.

Making public tutorial free is a GREAT idea. You should also create various tutorials for common tasks and host it on your website like 'http://iorad.com/tutorial/how-to-link-to-particular-time-in-...

I think it will be a PERFECT SEM strategy.

+1 to this idea, particularly cleaning up the URLs. You should also setup a "browse" type page for users to browse through the topics. So if I went to http://iorad.com/tutorial/topics/microsoft-word/ I'd get a listing of all tutorials based on microsoft word. That'll help your SEO for searches like "Microsoft Word Tutorials"

Also, while clicking around your site I got quite a few ColdFusion errors with the full debug output. At the very least I'd set restrict debug output to your local IP's within ColdFusion Administrator.

How soon for any of the exports? The FAQ says 'summer 2012', but I know people that could use this yesterday.

the .doc and .ppt is ready ...send me a email and we ll put u on the fast track spatel iorad .com

Thanks! I'll pass that along.

That is a fantastic idea.

Thanks for thinking of us as a successful product! You just made our team's day (or rather, late evening) here :)

PS: this is Paras from Visual Website Optimizer.

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